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What happens when you lose weight?

When you lose weight it comes off in 3 ways - water, fat, muscle.

The initial loss will be water.

If you “diet” only, you will lose a combo of the other two, fat and muscle.

If you "diet" and strength train, you will lose mainly fat and will keep muscle.

If you increase your protein intake, you'll accomplish two things at once, lose fat & gain muscle. Prioritize the macronutrient protein at every meal.


Keep it simple student! 😉 The top 5 healthy habits you must do:

  1. prioritize protein at each meal

  2. eat vegetables at every meal

  3. eat less carbs (Want to lose fat, this is where you make a deficit in calories.)

  4. drink plenty of water & other non-caloric beverages, and reduce alcohol

  5. sleep at least 6 hours a night, 7 is better

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Bianka Hazenbrink
Bianka Hazenbrink
Oct 11, 2021

You are a great teacher! 🙏🙌🥂

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