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Raise your hand if you want to build tons of bulky muscle!

I bet very few or none of you raised your hand.

Now raise your hand if you want a really toned body! Ahh…there you all are.

Guess what? Toning is a MADE UP WORD. The fitness industry made it up to get women to buy gym memberships. Muscles don’t tone. They either build (hypertrophy) or they shrink (atrophy). The “hard” feeling you get in your muscles is just a small degree of building.

Building muscle is HARD. It’s hard for men and they have much more of the muscle-building hormone testosterone in their system than females do. For women, it’s even harder. In fact, I dare you to try to build muscles like a bodybuilder (without taking steroids) and watch what happens. You will just get really "TONED" (lol, that word is hilarious). The exercises that are the most effective for muscle building are the exercises you should do the most. Forget all the “female” exercises like the bodyweight leg kickbacks or the short choppy high reps exercise group classes.

Instead, do the most effective muscle-building exercises known to humans.

Here it is, a basic template that will work far better than most other “fat-burning” workouts that are geared and advertised towards women. Trust me! Keep in mind doing things the right way will get your body to respond quickly. At first, you will feel and look stronger, but as you continue your metabolism will speed up and fat loss will seem almost “effortless” and it will stay that way.

KISS Workout

Seven exercises, using dumbbells or a weighted barbell:

3-5 sets, 8-12 reps, rest 30-90 seconds

  1. squats

  2. deadlifts - Single leg or standing both feet on the ground.

  3. bench presses

  4. lat rows - Single arm or double.

  5. lunges - Static is best doing right and left side seperately.

  6. bicep curls

  7. overhead triceps extensions

Also…use heavy weight. High reps do not build muscle very well at all. In other words use a weight that is very challenging but not so challenging that you lose your good form. Resting between sets is very important. Follow the above routine and watch how quickly you gain strength and remember that each time you get stronger it means your metabolism is speeding up. You will start to sleep better, your libido will boost and your body will look and feel strong. These are all great signs. Stay consistent and eat a good diet and over a relatively short period of time you will have the lean tight body that was so elusive before…only this time, it'll take half the work.

By the way, I do all of these moves regularly programmed in my videos with lots of variations. Catch me Live on Facebook each morning in the Group 'Fit By Kellie Group' or find my YouTube Channel and be sure to click SUBSCRIBE.

Train like you want to build and you will send a powerful signal to your body which will result in a faster metabolism, a sculpted strong body, and an ability to get away with the occasional high-calorie food day.

All my best,

Coach Kellie

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Great info Kellie!!! I had no idea about “toning”! Love this! Thank you 😊

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