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Create Your Home Gym

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Its easy to put together a home gym for a small investment. Over decades I've spent a small fortune on gym equipment because I love it kind of like a kid, but you don't have to. Trust me the toys are not going to be the limiting factor. You are going to be the limiting factor. No excuses! But good gear is important.

All exercises can be done with basic gear and all you need is four items to have ongoing and worthwhile exercise sessions in your own gym. Gradually add the other six pieces of equipment over time to add variety. Shop around if you care to for the best prices, however, I've used and tested many brands of equipment for usability, comfort and durability. Here's my advice on what to buy.

To start:

2) Free Weights - by CAP Barbell on Amazon

3) Athletic Mat - by Gaiam

5) Foam Roller


Next in order of importance:

5) Jump Rope by Spri

6) Stackable Step or Bench - by Step on Amazon

9) Kettle Bells by Spri - 3 pack

10) Yoga Mat - by Manduka

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