Jan 13, 2021

Plank with Behind-the-Back Pass

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Plank with Behind-the-Back Pass 🌞 So many plank variations, but this novel move is tougher than it looks!! 🔥 Complete the challenge for the next 30 days. It’s okay to miss a day, goal is to get to 30 reps. For 30 days: Days 1-5: 5 reps Days 6-10: 10 reps Days 11-15: 15 reps Days 16-20: 20 reps Days 21-25: 25 reps Days 26-30: 30 reps If the phone falls off, stretch, rest and start over! 💁🏼‍♀️ Pointers: 💪🏻 Assume an elbow plank position, with feet slightly wider than your hips. 📲 Hold your cellphone in one hand ✋🏻, place it on your low back. 🤚🏻Reach other hand to retrieve your cellphone from your low back. ⏮ Repeat the movement in the opposite direction. 🤝 Each time you transfer phone from hand-to-hand on the floor, that is one rep (either direction). GAME ON! ⚡️ To be clear, the plank is a wonderfully beneficial exercise. It develops core strength combined with full-body stability. It also teaches us to coordinate that stability across multiple joints simultaneously. Have grit! -Coach Kellie

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Kellie Ruocco
Kellie Ruocco



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