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Stay lean, gain muscle definition and improve your overall health! You've probably completed most or all of the previous work in the prior 2 programs. Now you're ready to make sure all the habits stick! CHECK-OFF daily completing a 30-minute workout and about 5-mins of diet & nutrition coursework. That's two components, exercise & nutrition. The prompt to exercise and read will come in your email inbox. RESULTS TIME-LINE 30 Days Part I: A stronger & healthier you - New Habits & New Exercise Workouts: After the first module, see results and feel more energy. Current clothes will start feeling looser! 30 Days Part II: Balance Exercise & Nutrition - New Exercise Workouts and Realistic Meal Planning. After the second, you'll really start to see your body change. 30 Days Part III: Exercise, Nutrition & Stress Management - Intuitive Eating, Sustained Exercise, & Self Care. Complete the 3rd challenge and those new habits of exercise and nutrition become who you are and learn simple strategies to relieve stress. You don't need to be local to do this program. All content is online and you can sign up here. -Coach Kellie -Coach Kellie

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Personal Training - 10 Sessions


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